Third Coast Design Works was originally founded on ideas to help the Home Brewer and Wine maker have an overall pleasant experience throughout the entire process.  Since our inception in 2011, we have expanded our products into the homes of Sports Enthusiasts with our Sports Bottle Brush, as well as into the hands of Arts and Craft Enthusiasts who clean antique bottles to clients who own Hummingbird Feeders.  In every situation, the end user has the difficult task of cleaning inside those extremely tough spaces and not knowing if the bottle was thoroughly cleaned or not.  Our products are made in the USA with each one made by hand giving the end user the peace of mind that each product has been physically examined for quality purpose.  Thank you for your interest in owning one of our Clean Bottle Express® tools as we are confident you will be happy with them.  After all, we are "Efficiency Re-Imagined".
If you have any questions feel free to email me.